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Fibre Optic Cable

    1. GYTA Non-Armored Stranded Loose Tube CableThis stranded optical fiber cable precisely controls its excess fiber length to provide excellent tensile strength and wide temperature range, whilst the PE sheath makes our product flexible and resistant to high crush force and UV radiation.
    1. GYTS Light-Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable

      The GYTS light-armored stranded loose tube cable is an optical communication cable.

      More >> Single steel wire as the central strength member
      Special water blocking compound inside and between loose tubes
      Damp proof PSP outside the cable core
    1. GYTA53 Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable As mentioned above, the gel-filled loose tube offers critical protections for optic fibers, and the tube itself is constructed by a kind of special material which has good hydrolysis resistance and pretty high strength.
    1. GYXTW Armored Unitube CableThe PSP layer outside the loose tube greatly improves moisture proofing property of this unitube optical cable, and two parallel steel wires contribute to high tensile strength.
    1. All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) CableOur self-supporting aerial cable is designed to be lightweight and small in diameter to reduce load on support towers and similar structures due to cable weight, wind and ice, and its maximum span length is over 1000m.
    1. GYTC8A Figure 8 Self-Supporting CableOur figure 8 outdoor aerial cable boasts extremely high tensile strength owing to the implementation of steel wires, so it suits for self-supporting aerial installation which could cut down the installation cost.
    1. Multi-Purpose Distribution Cable (MPC)In the column of "Model", X1, X2 and Xn represent cable purpose, sheath color and fiber type, respectively. These items are available in different choices, please refer to the "Ordering Information" below.
    1. Mobile Cable (MOC)As a result of the all-dielectric structure, our telecommunication cable is protected against EMI, and its outer sheath is resistant to abrasion, ageing, oil, fire, etc. In addition, the PUR sheath could be removed easily.
    1. Optical Fibre Drop CableFor the GJXH flat drop cable, it adopts metallic strength members, so it has higher crush resistance. On the other hand, the GJXFH flat drop cable has an all-dielectric structure, so shielding box is not required.

The fibre optic cable is compliant with YD/T 901-2001 and IEC 60794-1 standards, and it also passes UL (riser rating or plenum rating) and RoHS certifications. These riser-rated cables and plenum-rated cables are very popular in mainland China, and our market share (40%) has ranked the top for 14 consecutive years in China. In addition, our fibre optic cable could be printed with certain words and images as per customer requirements.

Production Cycle
For customers who need optical fiber cable with a total length of 500km or shorter, the production cycle is about two weeks, and then finished products are shipped from Port of Shanghai to anywhere in the world.

Our fibre optic cable is divided into different models to suit for various application conditions.
1. GYTA: Where conduit installation is required.
2. GYTS and GYXTW: Where aerial installation is required
3. GYTA53: Where direct buried installation is required.
4. ADSS: Electric power engineering projects
5. MPC: Server rooms and other indoor places