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Fibre Optic Cleaner

Our fibre optic cleaner mainly covers two types which are one-click cleaner and reel connector cleaner.

1. One-Click Cleaner

The one-click cleaner is further divided into 1.25mm one-click cleaner (for LC and MU connectors), 2.5mm one-click cleaner (for SC, ST, FC, E2000 connectors) and one-click MPO cleaner (for MPO/MTP connectors). These products conveniently remove dust, debris, skin oil and other contaminants from connector end faces without wiping.

1. Our fiber connector cleaner is constructed from antistatic resin, and it could clean over 800 end faces per unit. Moreover, only a simple push motion is required to engage tool, and users will hear a "click"  sound when cleaning job is completed.
2. As for this fibre optic cleaner, the tip is extendable, and the cleaning system could rotate 180° for a thorough cleaning.

This type of fibre optic cleaner is applicable for:
1. Fiber-optic network rack
2. Outdoor FTTx application
3. Test equipment in labs
4. Fiber cable related facility
4. Server, switch, router and OADM with SC, LC, MU, ST, FC or E2000 connector

2. Reel Connector Cleaner

The reel-based fiber connector cleaner, measured 115×79×32mm in size, is an indispensable accessory to ensure fiber-optic communication performance, and it offers an optimal non-alcohol cleaning solution to clean ferrule end faces in a simple, rapid and low-cost way. The applicable connectors include SC, FC, MU, LC, ST, MPO. MT, MTRJ, D4, DIN and so on.

1. This fibre optic cleaner is a lightweight, antistatic and palm-sized fiber cleaning tool, and the final cleaning result is Class 100.
2. The cleaning tape is fabricated from high-density textile fiber, and it can be used for over 500 times. In addition, it is very convenient to replace the tape.

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