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Fibre Optic Connector

    1. Fibre Optic Patch Cord

      The connectors are available in different types including FC, ST, SC, LC, MU, MPO, E2000, MTRJ and so on, while for the cable ...

      More >> Our optical cable assembly exhibits unsurpassed durability, and it can withstand more than 1000 mating cycles (1 cycle = mate and unmate).
      The fiber optic connector has a low insertion loss which is only about 0.15dB for single mode jumpers.
    1. Waterproof Fibre Optic PigtailThese single-core and multi-core pigtails allow reliable and convenient splicing, and they are suitable for harsh outdoor environment.
      For our fibre optic pigtail, its cable length, core number and connector type (FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, SMA, etc.) could be made-to-order to meet different requirements.
    1. Fibre Optic AdapterA fiber optic adapter, also known as fiber optic coupler, provides precise alignment of optical fiber in fiber optic communication. Different fiber optic connectors could be inserted into its two ends to realize conversion among FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000 and other connectors.
    1. Fibre Optic Fast ConnectorOur quick termination connector allows fast and easy operation, and only one cable jacket stripping process is needed.
      The fiber optic fast connector doesn't have any special requirements for its working environment, and it can finish cable connection job in a short time and without power supply.
    1. Fibre Optic CleanerOur fiber connector cleaner is constructed from antistatic resin, and it could clean over 800 end faces per unit. Moreover, only a simple push motion is required to engage tool, and users will hear a "click" sound when cleaning job is completed.

For the purpose of reliable fibre optic connection, GOVO manufactures a wide range of accessories including fiber optic patch cord, waterproof fiber optic pigtail, fiber optic adapter, fiber optic fast connector and fiber optic cleaner.

With 10 production lines and 20 fiber connector polishers, we could produce 1 million pieces of patch cords every year, and it only takes us about one week to fabricate 1000 pieces of pigtail or patch cord.