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Optical Fiber Identifier

The GW3306 optical fiber identifier is commonly utilized in the installation, test and troubleshooting of fiber networks, and it is based on macro bending technology. More specifically, it is clamped onto a fiber where it induces a safe macro-bend in the fiber, and this macro-bend allows a small amount of light to escape. By collecting and analyzing the leaked light, it can indicate the direction and power level of light signals.

In this regard, our fiber optic test instrument enables users to easily detect optical signals without disrupting network traffic or damaging optical fibers, and it also avoids outages induced by misoperation of technicians.

1.The optical fiber identifier has a streamlined body, so it can be held on hand during work.
2. Our live fiber identifier could inspect 250μm coated fiber, 900μm tight buffered fiber and 2.5mm patch cord directly, and it also detects modulated test tones (270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz) to find a specific fiber quickly.
3. Thanks to the low battery monitoring function, this handheld fiber identifier would remind users to change battery when remaining battery capacity is low.

Technical Data of GW3306 Optical Fiber Identifier

Detected wavelength range 750-1700nm
Insertion loss 1. 1.0dB for 250μm coated fiber
2. 1.0dB for 900μm tight buffered fiber
3. 2.0dB for 3mm pigtail
Applicable fiber Optical fiber with diameter of <3mm
Detected tones 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
Fiber direction Yes
Power measurement Yes
Display Digital LED
Warning tone Yes
Low battery monitoring Yes
Detector InGaAs (1mm)
Min. detected power* 1550nm
1. -35dBm for 250μm coated fiber
2. -35dBm for 900μm tight buffered fiber
3. -30dBm for 3mm pigtail
4. -30dBm for 250μm coated fiber
5. -30dBm for 900μm tight buffered fiber
6. -27dBm for 3mm pigtail
Power supply Alkaline AA battery
Battery life >60 hours
Auto-off function Yes
Operating temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Storage temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Weight 200g
Size 230(L)×43(W)×48(H) mm

*: For this optical fiber identifier, the sample fibers are standard Corning single mode fiber, and test result is the average value of several fibers: 250μm coated fibers have red, yellow, orange, blue, green and brown coatings respectively, while 900μm tight buffered fibers and 3mm pigtails are red and yellow patch cords. In addition, black 250μm coated fiber is not involved because its attenuation is too large to measure.

Standard Package

Item Qty.
Optical fiber identifier 1
Alkaline AA battery 2
User manual (English/Chinese) 1
Warranty card 1
Soft carrying case 1
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