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Fibre Optic Test Instrument

    1. GW3200 Optical Power Meter

      A conventional LCD screen is provided in standard configuration, but an optional backlit LCD is also available to facilitate work at night.

      More >> This handheld optical power meter allows users to calibrate wavelengths, and the power measurement result is revealed in both mW and dBm.
      A conventional LCD screen is provided in standard configuration, but an optional backlit LCD is also available to facilitate work at night.
    1. GW3201 PON Optical Power MeterOur PON power meter monitors and reveals remaining battery capacity, and it can store up to 10 measurement results for convenient data check.
      There are several powering ways, and auto recharging is also achieved.
    1. GW3211 High Precision Optical Power MeterThe optical multimeter is powered by a built-in LiPo battery to enable it to work continuously for 140 hours, and it allows user-defined calibration.
      Our handheld optical power meter could be connected to PC via RS232 interface for data review, and the backlit could be switched on or off according to actual condition.
    1. GW3100 Optical Laser Light SourceOperators just need to press one button to change the wavelength of output laser, and a large LCD screen is used to display detailed working status.
      Our handheld laser source monitors remaining battery capacity, and there is an optional function that would shut off this device automatically after 10 minutes of idle time.
    1. GW101 Pen Shape Optical Visual Fault LocatorThe GW101 pen shape optical visual fault locator is very easy to carry owing to its pen style design, and it contains two models with different power outputs. This fiber tracer uses two AA batteries to support over 50 hours of continuous working, and it has a low battery indicator to tell people when to change battery.
    1. GW3103 Pen Shape Optical Visual Fault LocatorWith a 2.5mm universal connector interface, our visible fiber optic fault locator realizes quick connection with SC, ST and FC connectors, and it is also outfitted with a FC adapter to make the inspection more stable and reliable.
    1. GW3103-10S Optical Visual Fault Locator

      It is particularly popular on the market as a result of its superior technical performance.

      More >> With an output power of over 10mW, our visual fault finder is able to locate break points in a short time, and it will be shut down automatically after about 10 minutes of idle time to save power though the battery is sufficient for 12 hours of continuous working.
    1. GW3205 Fiber Optic MultimeterThis optical loss test set offers stable laser output at different wavelengths to fit for SMF and MMF, and it works under CW or modulation mode.
      Our fiber optic multimeter is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery to reduce user's operation cost, and it is compatible with LC, FC, SC, ST and other common connectors.
    1. GW3306 Optical Fiber IdentifierThe optical fiber identifier has a streamlined body, so it can be held on hand during work.
      Our live fiber identifier could inspect 250μm coated fiber, 900μm tight buffered fiber and 2.5mm patch cord directly, and it also detects modulated test tones (270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz) to find a specific fiber quickly.
    1. JDSU FI-60 Optical Fiber IdentifierThanks to the ergonomic design, our fiber identifier realizes easy cable access under different environments, and the integrated ambient light shield not only enhances test reliability, but also avoids false reading.

GOVO provides a complete range of fibre optic test instrument, such as optical power meter, PON power meter, optical laser source, visual fault locator, optical multimeter, optical fiber identifier and so on. For example, optical power meter and optical laser source could be packaged separately but used together, forming a piece of component equipment, while they could also be packaged in one unit to facilitate work, forming an integrated test set.