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PLC Splitter

  • 1×4 PLC splitter with
    FC connectors
  • 1×8 PLC splitter (as component)

  • 1×16 PLC splitter (as component)
  • 1×32 PLC splitter with SC
  • 1×4 PLC splitter
  • Box type PLC splitter

A PLC splitter, or planer lightwave circuit splitter, is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber links. It has multi input and output ports to split optical signals, and it is particularly suitable for EPON, GPON and BPON.

1. Our PLC coupler shows low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and good directivity (55dB), and it makes use of Korean chip to realize high uniformity.
2. The PLC splitter is resistant to mechanical impact, and it could work under harsh environment. In addition, it can be outfitted with FC, SC or LC connectors as per customer.

Classification and Application
1. Rack mount PLC splitter: It is recommended when 19-inch OLT enclosure or standard network cabinet is used in fiber network, or ODN needs to be placed on the desk.
2. ABS box type PLC splitter: It is used when standard 19-inch network cabinet, splice box or a specified installation device is used.
3. PLC splitter with bare fiber: It is often installed in pigtail boxes, test instruments and WDM system.
4. PLC splitter as component: It is utilized at access points of FTTx systems where optical splitting is needed, such as terminal box.
5. PLC splitter tray: It is applicable for WDM systems. One-layer tray fits for 1×16 configurations at the most, while two-layer tray fits for 1×32.

Technical Data of PLC Splitter

Type Theoretical insertion loss (bare fiber) Typical insertion loss (without connectors) Typical insertion loss (with connectors)
1×2 3.11dB 3.60dB 3.90dB
1×4 6.27dB 6.80dB 7.10dB
1×8 8.85dB 10.00dB 10.30dB
1×16 9.43dB 13.00dB 13.30dB

Packaging Information of PLC Splitter

Type 1×2 or 2×2
Pigtail length 1m or customized
Pigtail type 250μm coated fiber 900μm loose tube 2/3mm loose tube
Size Ф3.0×54mm Ф3.0×70mm 100×80×10mm
Housing Stainless steel Stainless steel ABS box
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