Shanghai GOVO Telecom Co., Ltd.

Tel.: +86-21-60712325-807

Shanghai GOVO Telecom Co., Ltd.
Tel.: +86-21-60712325-807

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Production Base
GOVO is an optical cable, fusion splicer and fiber optic test instrument specialist, and our production base is located in the Shanghai Jiufu Economic Development Zone. With 3 production workshops, 8 production lines, 18 polishing machines and over 40 frontline workers, this 1200-square meter-large production base is able to fabricate 400,000 pieces of fiber optic patch cord every year.

Production Equipment
With the help of this device, the end face of ferrule boasts better precision, and the dome-shaped or angled ends tend to be smoother and without air bubbles, thus minimizing optical return loss.
The end faces of ceramic ferrules are polished by this machine to form dome-shaped or angled (8°) ends.
It polishes ceramic ferrules of patch cords uniformly.

Test Equipment
JDSU RM3 Backreflection Meter: It measures insertion loss and return loss of patch cord in a stable and precise manner.
3D Scope: It has one power switch and three connector interfaces (for power supply, data transmission and video output respectively), and it is used to detect end faces of ceramic ferrules.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production Flow
Raw material: fiber optic cable
Step 1: Cutting fiber cable to desired length
Step 2: Stripping fiber cable
Step 3: Assembling components